New single !

Hi all ! How are you doing at the beginning of July ?!

The period of confinement was for me a pure moment of introspection and (re)connection with nature. And even if the concerts start slowly, I come out much stronger and determined about what happens next.

What about you? Don’t you feel an awakening and an awareness that brings us back to basics?

Musically, the month of March 2020 was abruptly disrupted by this beginning of confinement. My tour with Kellylee Evans was interrupted as for most tours. But that doesn’t mean I stopped ! I started to prepare a single that will be released in a few weeks …

Come on, I’m telling you ! It will be released on July 24 on all digital stores.

This new opus that is dedicated to love in all its forms and to women.

A 100% home made single with very few guests and therefore different from what you could hear on Basstry Therapy.

Discover Basstry Inside

Watch the music video Pou’w, from the single Basstry Inside