Jazz of 5 continents : appointment on June 8th !


This month, I have the pleasure of accompanying a great vocal jazz lady, Kellylee Evans. A multi-award-winning artist and considered one of the most beautiful voices of her generation, the Jamaican-born Canadian singer is making her comeback to France after three years of absence. Kellylee Evans gave her last concert in October 2015, forced to stop the scene for health reasons. She had just released “Come On”, an album on the frontiers of jazz, soul and groove, and in 2018 she received the Best Jazz Album Award at the Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

After Paris and Salon-de-Provence, I give you appointment on June 8 at the Jazz Festival of the 5 continents at 8:30 pm in Carry-le-Houet. For those who do not know, do not hesitate to discover this soul singer to the particular destiny.

Book your tickets quickly !