JSJ Live concert
18 January 2018
Le Gosier
New Ti Paris
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J (Jean-Michel Lesdel) Piano
S (Stéphane Castry) Bass
J (Jérôme Castry) Battery

It’s a moment full of energy, influences and talent that we offer this trio of shock, an exceptional meeting placed under the sign of groove.

The trio includes 3 artists who shine each through their instruments.

– Jean Michel Lesdel remarkable pianist, rehabilitates the emotion by his adventurous melodies.

– Stéphane Castry on bass, embodies a unique and extraordinary groove

– Jerome Castry unparalleled drummer, accompanied by his whole being and his whole soul, propels the sound wave to the limit where it finds its eloquence.

This fine team of talented musicians will offer you a music so invasive, that it would make you forget the technicality by taking you by its swing.

Come discover the varied and sometimes unexpected repertoire of these exceptional musicians!

It is advisable to book 0590 88 43 20