Back to School

Hello friends,

How are you going this fall ? Have you been full of energy during this holiday ?

Mine have been very busy with beautiful concerts such as with Tanmpo Jazz Creole (concept at the initiative of Jerome Castry) where we accompanied again Tricia Evy but also Faby Medina, singer of Jazz who also comes from Guadeloupe.

We were able to honor you with our beautiful compositions with the JSJ Trio (Jean-Michel Lesdel, Jerome Castry and myself). There was also the success of the “Mizik Lab” which unanimously ignited the Sunset and the ArObase in Martinique. This concept, of which Jean-Philippe Fanfant is at the origin, was able to gather a panoply of Musicians and Artists singers on several sessions during the 2 months.

Not to mention the famous and first block party in Guadeloupe, organized by David Drumeaux wich was an opportunity to play again with Dimitri Paul among others. To end this musical holiday, there was finally the memorable jam at New Ti Paris with Sonny Troupé, Jocelyn Marboeuf and Xavier Richardeau. Greetings to the passage to Arnaud Dolmen and Audrey Clodion for the Jam of the month of July.

What good moments of sharing during these 2 months and I thank all the musicians with whom I could collaborate during my stay in Guadelupe and Martinique !

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I wish you a good return to all and take care of you !!!

Musically, Stéphane.